People-first. Caring. Dependable. 

Our Mission is to enthusiastically and creatively serve children with speech and language delays using the utmost care and understanding.


Our Strengths are our people, empathy, and focus on a holistic perspective of a child's development.



Is your toddler difficult to understand?

Are you constantly wondering if your child is on track with his or her language development?

Do you worry that your child is not getting the help he or she needs?


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Did you know?....

  • A majority of Asheville's bus riders are non-elective - meaning the bus is their primary source of transportation
  • Asheville's busses don't run on Sundays
  • Mountain Mobility serves riders in both the City of Asheville and the County based on eligibility factors like age, physical ability, and Medicaid coverage


Please call us at (828) 367-7044 with any questions you may have!