Birth to 5: Watch Me Thrive!


Birth to Five: Watch Me Thrive! is a federal initiative that helps raise awareness of developmental screenings and how these screenings can identify delays in children from a young age.

Families can use this resource to track milestones, learn about ways to share concerns with your child's doctor, get parenting tips, and find activities to teach simple concepts.

We all want to see your child thrive, so learn early and act early!

Earlier is Easier

Earlier is Easier is a great website put together by professionals based in Colorado, with the purpose of encouraging growth in babies and toddlers through important everyday activities. 

There are printable activity ideas with ways in which parents can read, sing, talk, write, play, and laugh with their child to help them develop! And if that is not enough for viewers, the site provide links to even more websites with research to back it up! How great!

Go check it out and make use of such a great resource!