Give Thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving to you this year! Sterling Therapy is thankful for the families we meet and work with as well as the opportunity to live and work in Western North Carolina. 

We are also grateful for family we share the holidays with, and we came across the Atlanta Parent Magazine through our Thanksgiving travels.

How great is this turkey cover? (Scoot over to page 26 to find the book recommendations!)

Happy Thanksgiving again from us to you and we can't say enough how thankful we are for you! 


How are you spending this Thanksgiving and what sets apart Thanksgiving from other holidays for you?




Here's a little song to sing as you parade around for goodies:

(Hint: Think of all the front porch pumpkins you will see as you go from door to door!)

First you take a pumpkin
Big and round and fat
Then you cut the top off
That will make the hat
Then you hollow out the 
Nose and mouth and eyes 
Show it to your __________
For a Halloween surprise! 

Fill in the blank with relatives' or friends' names  (mama, daddy, sister, etc.)

Enjoy your fun filled night! 


[This song was found in Finger Frolics by Cromwell, Hibner, and Faitel. All credits are owed to them!]

Birth to 5: Watch Me Thrive!


Birth to Five: Watch Me Thrive! is a federal initiative that helps raise awareness of developmental screenings and how these screenings can identify delays in children from a young age.

Families can use this resource to track milestones, learn about ways to share concerns with your child's doctor, get parenting tips, and find activities to teach simple concepts.

We all want to see your child thrive, so learn early and act early!