Local Business Highlight: And Babies Don't Keep

And Babies Don't Keep

As a mother and writer, Kristi provides a refreshing space where others can come and read posts that are honest, informative, creative, and inspiring. Kristi is transparent about being a parent and often encourages confidence through the trying times. She allows space for discussions about raising inclusive children and small steps in a child's development

Kristi and her family call Asheville home so although it's a blog, she is a local talent.

Hopefully you've been enticed enough to head over to her blog now! Enjoy!  


Get Cooking

My favorite thing to look forward to on Saturday mornings is breakfast. No matter who the cook is, there's something great about foods that we tend to place in the "breakfast" category.

So did you ever think about a Saturday morning breakfast as a language learning opportunity?

Yes- just give your child an apron and involve her step by step in the process.

It can look a little something like this:

"Oh! What should we have for breakfast? EGGS or TOAST?" 

"Oh yes! Let's have EGGS."

"OPEN the refrigerator and pull out the EGGS. I'll help."

"Now we need a PAN and a BOWL"

"Let's crack the EGGS and STIR them. Let's put three in the BOWL. One for me, one for you, and one for your brother."

"Now look in the BOWL!"

"Ok, now let's get our PAN hot. Be careful. I'll turn on the stove." 

"Pour the EGGS in. STIR them a little when they get hot." 

"Look! They're done! Would you like a PLATE or a BOWL for your EGGS? I want a PLATE for mine."


Do you see all those words you just targeted?  

Obviously, you do not have to cook EGGS, but it's an easy word target. Just make a big to-do of whatever it is and help your child approximate how to say the word. 

Take a picture of the breakfast choice so that if your child is still lacking the words, you can show her a few pictures and ask "Oh! What should we have for breakfast?" "Show me please."  And yes- letting her touch and feel the food is important. Give her a spoon or fork but let her soak in the sensory component of how the food feels if she needs to use her fingers as well.


Now, when was the last time you felt that productive just after breakfast? 

breakfast edited.jpg

What's missing on my plate? If you missed it this year, March 4th was IHOP's annual free pancake day that's held to raise money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. That's a brave feat to try and raise over 3 million for charity!

Have a "Free Pancake Day" in your own home and your little one can donate her time in helping to cook! 

Local Business Highlight: Jessica Cochran Photography

There are so many great reasons to love Asheville and Western North Carolina. From small business services to restaurants and specialty shops, this area has a knack for providing all that we need- and doing so with a local flare. 

This week I want to highlight a local photographer that has made her home in the Brevard, NC area: 

Meet Jessica Cochran of Jessica Cochran Photography.

This girl's desire is to share her talent with others and provide an opportunity for you to be able to look back on the most exciting moments in life. 

A majority of those exciting and cherished moments include (or star!) your children. Play dates with special friends, birthday parties, summer fun in the backyard, parent-child dates and any candid moments that cause a smile are great to have captured by the camera.  Whether its fun child sessions or family love, this girl is your source for framed fabulousness.



You should know by now that I adore books and think incorporating them into therapy sessions is fun! 

Have you discovered Usborne books?  I have a friend that testified they are absolutely beautiful and fun books. She was right!  They are bright, well illustrated, durable books for all ages.

I can't get enough of using them in therapy!

Usborne Cars book v5.jpg

If you need new books for your kids, order some here!